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Boat Tours

Zodiac Tours

Happy Adventure Tours have two 22” Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boats, RIBs or Zodiacs, in regular operation. Each boat has the capacity for 12 passengers and are available for private bookings, as well as individual add-ons to tours that usually run twice per day. Happy Adventure tours offers an In-shore tour: 2 hours, and an Off-shore tour: 3 hours. Fishing tours are also offered during the Recreational Groundfish Fishery, and shuttle transportation to and from back country camping locations are also offered throughout the summer.

Inshore Tour: 2 Hours

Leaving from Terra Nova national park, the inshore tour explores the coastline and ventures on a sheltered boat ride to Minchins cove. We will search for marine life along the way. Once in Minchins cove, the boat will dock and guests will take a small hike on the shore to a small pond. Learning about the history of Minchin cove along the way. From here we will embark and explore the water back to the dock in Terra Nova. This is a great introduction to boating and a perfect short adventure for families with small children.
$80 per Adult
$60 per Youth

Offshore Tour: 3 Hours

Leaving from either the Visitor centre in Terra Nova National Park or from the Happy Adventure Inn, located in the township of Happy Adventure, the offshore tour offers spectacles that the view from land doesn’t reveal. Heading out to the puffin colony on Little Denier, hundreds of flocking and nesting puffins will be visible on the cusp of the outstretched Atlantic. The zodiac will visit the resettlement of Smokey Hole before traversing through the tight passageway of Scott’s tickle and then hugging the shoreline of Newman sound, giving visitors an up-close encounter with a sea cave locally named “the Dungeon”. The offshore tour givess the best chance for sightings of whales, puffins, eagles, and any icebergs that have lumbered their way into the bay.

$100 per Adult
$80 per Youth

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